My teaching schedule for the 2018-2019 school year




All calendar days (M - S) are regular lesson days, except:

Fall to Winter 2018
September 3rd Mon Labor Day • No change
October 26th Fri Nevada Day No change
November 12th Mon Veteran's Day No change
  22nd — 23rd Th — Fri Thanksgiving Lessons will be rescheduled
December 24th 31st Mon Mon Winter Break Holidays No Lessons
Winter to Spring 2019
January 1st — 5th Tue — Sat Winter Break Holidays No Lessons
  21st Mon Martin Luther King, Jr. No change
February 18th Mon President's Day No change
March       No change
April 15th 22nd Mon Sat Spring Break Holidays No Lessons
May 12th Sun RECITAL ‡ [Sahara West Library]
  27th Mon Memorial Day No change
Summer 2019
June       No changes
July 4th Tue Independence Day Lessons will be rescheduled
8th — 20th Mon — Sat Summer Break Holiday — No Lessons
August       No changes

• I teach on many school holidays and days off. If you plan to not attend on these days, please let me know 24 hours in advance.

‡ This recital date is secured.

All dates and lesson changes subject to change.