Frequently Asked Questions

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[+] What do you charge for lessons?
[+] Do you charge a registration or sign-up fee?
[+] Where do the lessons take place?
[+] Do you travel to students' homes?
[+] Why should I study with you?
[+] What days and times are you available?


[+] Do I have to sign a contract?
[+] For how many months am I obligated?
[+] When can I start?
[+] Do I pay you at each lesson?
[+] Do you teach from your home or do you have a studio?
[+] What forms of payment do you take?
[+] Do you make money from your website links?


[+] First Questions ...
[+] Age ...
[+] Choosing a Teacher ...



[+] Should I rent or purchase a piano?
[+] What types of pianos are available?
[+] How much will a piano cost?
[+] What about a used piano?
[+] What about an electronic piano?
[+] What piano books do you use?
[+] Where in my home should the piano be placed?



[+] What kind of guitar should I buy?
[+] What guitar books do you use?
[+] What other equipment will I need to buy?

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