Private Piano Lessons in Las Vegas

I offer private lessons at the price of group or classroom lessons.

  • Parents are always welcome during lessons.
  • Comfortable waiting area.

I work with students and parents to create a team-approach to their child's success.

My students learn:

[+] a comprehensive piano education.
[+] to appreciate music.
[+] the steps to learn.
[+] to have high expectations of themselves.
[+] mastery learning.
[+] how to practice.
[+] literacy.
[+] to build a repertory.
[+] piano technique.
[+] music theory and musicianship.
[+] form and analysis.
[+] ear training.
[+] sight reading.
[+] music history.
[+] composition.
[+] improvisation.
[+] performance.

Advanced students study all these subjects more formally.

I encourage my students to:

  • Learn different styles of music (Classical, Pop, Rock, and Jazz...)

  • Bring music of their own choice/interest to their lessons.

  • Stick to a structured approach to learning music and their instrument.

  • Perform in regular recitals.

My students must:

  • Express a desire to learn music and to play the piano. It will be expected that they will attend their lessons with a positive receptive attitude toward learning.

  • Agree to practice regularly, (eventually) for the length of their lesson time.

  • Attend their regularly scheduled lessons as often as possible.

  • Listen attentively and carefully to my instruction during lessons.

  • Show the same respect for me as I show them.

Just getting started?

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