Here is what my students and their parents have to say about my teaching.



I knew very little about music before coming to John as an adult student. Iíve taken lessons now, with John, for over 18 months. John is patient, caring and extremely knowledgeable about music, and wants his students to succeed. I can fully recommend John as a teacher, whether you are young or old, a beginner like me, or a more accomplished musician. He has been helping me to both learn to read music and to play the piano. John is a teacher that will work with you at your own level and help you reach your own goals in almost any type of music, from classical to rock, or any style in between.
-Liz W., Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV


All though I've known John for a couple of years socially, I never had the occasion to really see him teach. However, my neighbor's 9 yr old son, who I am like an Auntie, wanted to start learning piano so I offered to pay, & went with him & his parents to John's house for the first two piano sessions. I know John as being a true academic, with an extensive musical background & a serious piano and guitar teacher who has been doing this for many years, including teaching in the school district. I also trust him completely which is always an issue for parents with small children... Well, I just sat & observed & tried to be very unbiased. Well, I ended up extremely impressed. He is the modicum of patience & kindness to the child. He really listens & is encouraging in a gentle way. He rewards the child with stickers on their book. Very nice. All though I was a piano teacher many years ago, I did not teach in the same way but frankly, didn't have the patience like he does. He also shows the child very clearly on what he should be working on during the week & why & uses [CD's] to show the child can play along as he practices. Really good approach. He wants the parents involved & welcomes them to attend the sessions, if they can.. I asked my neighbor's son a few days later how he felt how "Mr. John". He said that he really liked him & "he doesn't get mad if you make a mistake"! LOL
-Janice S., Las Vegas, NV


[John,] I have found you to be very patient, stern, understanding and someone who loves what [he is] doing. You have challenged me to grow in an area that I have always wanted to be in and know. You have strengthened me. Thank you, John for hanging in there with me. Your student,
-Herman B., Las Vegas, NV


Very patient. Gives good instruction and demonstration. I especially like the history behind the music.
-Armont W., Las Vegas, NV




I started and stopped lessons before with other teachers. I was ready to give up. I gave it one more chance and came to John. He's been so patient with me. My only regret is that I didn't come to John sooner. He has made it much easier and pointed out many of my problems in my first lesson. I'm still working on fixing them. Old habits. But, he's a great teacher and really cares about his students.
-Geoff L., Las Vegas


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